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Boboli Gardens

The garden is not just a green space. For those who visit it, its nature is regenerative and an ally to man. Entering the Boboli Gardens is like crossing the threshold of an open-air museum.

The history of these historic gardens is always linked to the political, religious and economic moment of the various eras that followed each other. Boboli, a magnificent example of an Italian garden, contains trees of all kinds, flowers and citrus trees that are positioned in the direction of the sun's rays, giving off scents that catch the visitor's attention. An Ariadne's thread that begins by climbing the grand flight of steps: the visitor moves away from the city Palace, from the Pitti Palace, from the city and from its chaos. It climbs up to the statue of Abundance, in order to dominate Florence and its extensive panorama from above. The Kaffeehaus, a Rococo jewel desired by the Lorraine family, also offers a breathtaking view of the city.

The images provide perspective, the vegetation changes constantly, the terraces open the view to small and large avenues, adorned with statues that seem to come alive, positioned to talk about myths and legends as if to warn visitors and make them reflect. There are also dense forests and wooded areas, to remind us of the obstacles and hidden dangers in life. Nothing is left to chance: after moving past the constant changes of nature, the mazes stand out, of which only one of the original three remains. The road begins to run downhill. A large path descends steeply down to the large pool of the Isola delle Delizie (Island of Delights). Here, through the Fontana dell’Oceano (Fountain of the Ocean) by Giambologna, the statue of Neptune rises up, surrounded by the river divinities from all over the world: Nile, Ganges and Euphrates flowing symbolically in the same water. Ancient wisdom had to be passed down in the language of the soul. "Festina Lente", hurry slowly, driven by the wind of knowledge.

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  • Progetto finanziato a valere sui fondi Legge n. 77 del 20 febbraio 2006 “Misure speciali di tutela e fruizione dei siti italiani di interesse culturale, paesaggistico e ambientale, inseriti nella “lista del patrimonio mondiale”, posti sotto la tutela dell’UNESCO”