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The informed traveller's handbook

Every day, millions of visitors go to places that UNESCO has defined World Heritage Sites because they "represent the creative genius of man" and are "exceptional evidence of an important phase in human history".

These are often groups of tourists who take a quick look at monuments and landscapes filtered through the screen of a smartphone, with times regulated by an organised tour that involves visiting multiple cities in just a few hours.
We could really call it "indigestion of beauty", a sort of fast food tourism. 

The goal of this project is to promote a different way of travelling.

To make the tourist aware and conscious, while using the eyes, the palate, touch and the soul, of enjoying the places that inspired Humanism and the Renaissance of man.
It means stopping and being inundated by the emotions oozing from the top of towers, from the stones of the buildings, from the gardens in which the Medici family once walked, from the frescoes and from the gentle countryside landscapes.
A slow journey into beauty that arouses the senses and creates connections with the environment, silently sowing pearls of serendipity and securing them in the heart.

Each World Heritage Site calls us to be very responsible and at the same time to make a conscious effort: understanding the past in order to interpret the present and improve the future.

We have therefore developed a handbook to help the traveller to enjoy this experience in the best possible way. Enjoy your trip!




  1. The World Heritage Sites were not built in a day
    Don't be in a hurry... give them all the time they deserve! Enjoy the unique beauty of these territories.
  2. Let yourself be surprised
    In every corner of the Tuscan World Heritage Sites, you can admire artistic masterpieces and unexpected landscapes. Discover the wonder of little-known and little-frequented, but no less fascinating, places.
  3. Travel differently
    April to September is the most crowded period for visiting the Heritage Sites, which show all their splendour also in autumn-winter. Traveling in the low season will allow you to avoid long queues and crowds of people and find better accommodation and favourable prices.
  4. Respect
    Experience the Heritage Sites, respecting their culture, their inhabitants and their habits. Try to maintain an appropriate attitude to the place you find yourself in. People with disabilities are an integral part of the city community: avoid cluttering the sidewalks and the rest and descent areas reserved for them.
  5. Experience the local culture
    Enjoy the best of each Heritage Site by entrusting in the local traditions and typical products: in this way, you will fully enjoy the culture of the place!
  6. Reduce, reuse, recycle
    Respect the environment around you and do not throw waste on the ground: there will certainly be a waste basket waiting for you! Differentiate when possible. Water is a precious and essential resource for everyone: fill your bottle with water from public drinking fountains.
  7. Heritage Site you go to, services you encounter
    The Heritage Sites offer a great many spaces and services: gardens and squares are fantastic places for eating. However, avoid drinking and eating on the steps of churches and buildings. Remember to use public toilets and water fountains conscientiously.
  8. Climb into the saddle!
    Protect the Heritage Sites: rent bicycles or electric vehicles and choose environmentally friendly public transport.
  9. Be informed
    The Heritage Sites are full of surprises. Experience them in the best possible way by using the tourist information points: they will be a great help, allowing you not only to understand the history and the monuments, but to discover the good local habits.
  10. Play!
    Download the Dante’s Journey app, to make your visit a fun and unusual experience. It is also an excellent opportunity to play with your children and involve them during the trip. Unlock additional content and collect the objects in your chest!


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  • Progetto finanziato a valere sui fondi Legge n. 77 del 20 febbraio 2006 “Misure speciali di tutela e fruizione dei siti italiani di interesse culturale, paesaggistico e ambientale, inseriti nella “lista del patrimonio mondiale”, posti sotto la tutela dell’UNESCO”